Mashka can provide you with
a strong new identity and brand
experience on various media,
working closely with other trust­worthy freelancers and companies
from various artistic fields to
provide you with a 360° experience.

Clear corporate guidelines, document templates, brochures, books, presentations, packaging, illustrations, typography, webdesign, animations, invitations, greeting cards.
Photography, videos/movies, industrial design, web & app coding, social media, consulting, brand strategy, community management, PR, copywriting, e-mail marketing.

Mashka’s graphic style combines rigorous Swiss design, refinement, elegance and consistency, with
a special attention to every detail.

A creative process for a unique design − innovative, functional, targeted for its audience and enhancing
the message.

As a client, you will be integrated and consulted throughout the
entire creative process.
Mashka offers tailor-made solutions designing your project with full
respect of your objectives, global identity and values.
Feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear from you!

Fanny Ducommun
Sébeillon 9A
1004 Lausanne
+41 79 366 55 10