Pully-Québec Festival 2018

June 2018 ||| Creation of the entire corporate identity of the @festivalpullyquebec and the visual identity of their 2018’s edition. Including logo, website, brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, etc. Animation by Giona Dellagana


Defi Vélo 2017-2018

2017-ongoing ||| Design of the poster for the final DEFI VELO 2017 and 2018, the gift gym bag illustration and the annual report.

Aston Martin / Pegasus Automotive Group invitation

August 2018 ||| Creation of an invitation for Pegasus Automotive Group (representing Aston Martin and  Rolls Royce) for their inauguration party in Nyon. Print of UV offset transparent varnish on top of special Curious Matter black paper. #Hotfoil stamping on main logo and « Invitation » and enveloppe, inside printed in offset metallic pantone.


2017 ||| Design of a new wine label, based on the existing crest of the Domaine Crêt-Dessous | Cave Gay & Pestalozzi.


Spring 2018 ||| New website of a law firm in Lausanne called Bourg8. Photos of the office by @ch_mashka, portraits by @sarahvez


Impact Cancer Foundation

August 2018-ongoing ||| Creation of the corporate identity and brochures for a new foundation that aims to raise and use donor funds to support various cancer-related activities and to support the growth of the new Swiss Cancer Center Léman multidisciplinary center.

Epura, newsletter

Summer 2018-ongoing ||| Design of an informative newsletter for Epura/Ville de Lausanne, intended for the people living in the neighborhood of the building site of the future STEP in Lausanne and to the various municipalities involved. The new STEP is the biggest project of the new legislature of the city of Lausanne.

German Desgin Award 2019

Last Friday I went to Frankfurt to pick up my two German design awards 2019 #happy #honoured





July 2018-ongoing ||| Creation of the new corporate identity for the Canton de Vaud / Cantonal Office for the Integration of Foreigners and the Prevention of Racism (BCI). Use of illustrations representing topographic curves, erasing borders, accentuating smoothness in transitions. First element created with this identity was the A5 brochure « Appel aux projets 2019 ».

The second document created for the Canton de Vaud / Cantonal Office for the Integration of Foreigners and the Prevention of Racism (BCI) was their 2017 annual report: an A4 brochure + a DL flyercontaining a summary of the main futures of 2017. I also created a roll-up.

Lausanne 2020

June 2018 - ongoing ||| Creation of a mailing encouraging people of becoming Fan of Lausanne 2020. One year to go! 09 janvier 2020!!!

Polygravia's Greeting Card

Creation of a packaging / greeting card for Polygravia (printers), based on their initial concept (brown box containing a laser cut card and a small bag of sweets). The goal was to create a festive and fresh illustration/design to wish all their clients a happy new year, but also to allow them to display their printing skills and expertise (laser cut, hot foil, laser engraving, packaging design, uv printing, …). I created a set of patterns, inspired by the shape of the sweets, that are used in the mountains in the laser cut card, and on each side of the outside box (one pattern per side). I then created a dot pattern: on the outside box, you’ll find a circle full of dots and on the card you’ll find this same circle but plain, and the rest of the dots outside this circle.