Lausanne 2020

June 2018 - ongoing ||| Creation of a mailing encouraging people of becoming Fan of Lausanne 2020. One year to go! 09 janvier 2020!!!

Polygravia's Greeting Card

Creation of a packaging / greeting card for Polygravia (printers), based on their initial concept (brown box containing a laser cut card and a small bag of sweets). The goal was to create a festive and fresh illustration/design to wish all their clients a happy new year, but also to allow them to display their printing skills and expertise (laser cut, hot foil, laser engraving, packaging design, uv printing, …). I created a set of patterns, inspired by the shape of the sweets, that are used in the mountains in the laser cut card, and on each side of the outside box (one pattern per side). I then created a dot pattern: on the outside box, you’ll find a circle full of dots and on the card you’ll find this same circle but plain, and the rest of the dots outside this circle.


Design of a tri-annual informative newsletter and a greeting card for Epura/Ville de Lausanne, intended for the people living in the neighborhood of the building site of the future STEP in Lausanne and to the various municipalities involved.
The new STEP is the biggest project of the new legislature of the city of Lausanne.


Lausanne à Marseille

Lausanne à Marseille

Conception of an exhibition presented in Marseille in September 2017, introducing Lausanne as the Olympic Capital. Concept, illutrations and layout.



Creation of a system of indicative scale called «The Beelong indicator» declined in small, medium and full format. The grading indicates the environmental impact of food on a scale from A to G. It is designed to provide caterers and buyers with environmental information on food products, and give them an additional criterion for making their purchases in full consciousness/awareness.



Creation and production of the visual of the poster annoucing the progam «Alors, on danse?» on @radiotelevisionsuisse



New brand identity for ARC-Echange ( including logo transformation, creation of 5 patterns and development of corporate guidelines, stationery, posters, flyers, annual reports, powerpoint templates, newsletters, roll-ups, etc.


Valentine SA

Création de brochures, listes de prix et concept de stand
#valentine #gastronomia #boothdesign #brochure #graphicdesign


Défi Vélo

Divers projets réalisés par Mashka pour DéfiVélo: brochures, rapport annuel, logo spécial 5ans, dépliants, flyers, auto-collant, casquette, casque et remorques