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is an Art Direction and Graphic Design studio, based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Mashka can provide you with a strong new identity, clear corporate guidelines, document templates, brochures, books, presentations, packaging, illustrations, typography, simple website, awards, invitations
& greeting cards.

Mashka is working closely together with other trustworthy free-lancers and companies to provide you with a 360° experience (photography, movies, animations, industrial design, consulting, brand strategy, webdesign, app design, social medias, community management, copywriting & e-mail marketing).

Mashka’s creative process is balanced between the rigorious Swiss design, simplicity, elegance and consistency, with a special attention to every detail.
Mashka always seeks to answer the brief with clarity and a deep understanding of the client’s global identity and values, by enhancing the client’s message and content shaping the appropriate form with a refined sense of design craftsmanship.
The goal:
A creative process for a unique design – innovative, functional, flexible, targeted to its audience
and with its own soul.
As a client, you will be fully integrated and
consulted throughout the creative process.
Feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear from you!

Fanny Ducommun
Sébeillon 9A
1004 Lausanne
+41 79 366 55 10